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bisexuals have the unique ability to move between both the queer community and the community of giant scorpions

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I love it when bisexuals get together and start dating and stuff because when that happens we combine to form the giant megadroid known as bitron bringing us one step closer to world domination.

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"I cultivated it; a long chain of events leading to this."

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Will Graham + Dogs

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AVC: Chilton, correct me if I’m wrong, is the first character from the literature that you’ve killed who’s still alive in later books. Do you feel that shakes things up, or do you worry about not having that character to play later?

BF: [Terry] Serpico survived a bullet to the face. [x]

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Hannibal Predictions: 


They figure out that Chilton is innocent.

Hannibal needs someone new to take the blame

He places Winston’s fur at a crime scene.

Jack believes Winston is the ripper, and sends Winston to jail.

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Frederick “Not Dead” Chilton

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Oh no… Will sweetie this is def not a good idea.